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A journey through consciousness

Flume "Skin" Mashup


For this song that I produced, I conceptualized, organized, performed in, and co-directed this ambitious music video that represented a biocentric journey between micro and macrocosmic worlds embedded within consciousness. Each dancer represented forms of emotion and thought, that experience different levels of order and chaos, along a journey of redeemed freedom.


Director, EP, & Artist



Dance Choreographer


Line Producer

VFX Supervisor/Colorist

VFX Artists

1st AD

1st AC


Underwater Videographer

Underwater Video Gaffer

Christian Falstrup

Audrey Chu, Delaney Brokeman,

Julia Del Barrio, Liviera Leebong

Neaz Kohani

Hunter Elijah Bryce

Julia Johnson

Kinan Chabani

Josh Masters, Ben Kadie

Alan Luke-Hamasaki

Alex Smith

Kaitlyn Berry, Billy Bjork

Neil Andrew Cerullo

Kyle Herman

Christian Falstrup

Greg Davenas

Richard Browning

Peter H. Diamandis, Will Weisman, Rob Rhinehart

Cody Tarpley (with Helius)

Billy Bjork

Thomas Suarez & Ryan Reede

Lee Duck

Evan Smith

Jessica Marielina Girard

Anna Woźniewicz & Helena McGill

Cole McCarthy, Tyler Macey, Nick Jacob, Louven Reyes

Fui Srivikorn

Creative Director & Producer

Design Director

Lead Pilot & Co-Producer



Music Director:

Video Producer / Editor

AR Developers

Production Designer

Production Management


Spatial Audio Systems Design



Stage Design

And many more...

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