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This means accentuating and narrativizing your life experiences

It's as if you are the lead director and actor for the filmic world of your life

It's an exercise in observationalism and embodiment

Situationally shift between the detached wide-vision scope, where you connect particular moments to the larger plot structure of your personal odyssey – and the hyper presence achieved from a deep active surrender, in flow, to the dynamic action in a life "scene"

Imagine, italicize, and orchestrate the people, "props", and "stages" for transformation.

Feel and express fiercely

Adaptive intentionality is the key – planning, guiding, sequencing, and immersing yourself in moments that provoke existential multi-dimensionality >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Some Strategies

Bring a portable speaker or headphones to play poignant film scores in striking locations

Travel with friends who trigger theatricality and adventurousness within you

Embrace conflict and mystery

It's also important to tap into a through line or coherent story logic when connecting the dots between moments through time

Is the mythic structure of your life robust ?

Is there a natural and symbolic progression?

What it means is to find ways of recognizing and instigating plot point phase changes in your life. This could include rituals or cues that reflect a new chapter, act, moment of climax, or resolution.

The result is an ontological evolution


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